Clinical  Microbiology  Proficiency  Testing   

Established in 1982,
provides external assessment challenges (EQA) for
Clinical Microbiology
Water Testing Laboratories

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2015 - 2016
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11 Feb 2015: Clinical Bacteriology Survey, M144, Paper Challenge, Case Histories and on-line Instructions are online
10 Feb 2015: CPE Survey Critique
10 Feb 2015: Winter 2014 - 2015 Connections is posted online
03 Feb 2015: Final results and critiques for M143 posted
19 Jan 2015: Mycology Plus Online Instructions for Mycology Plus survey, 1501, are online
17 Dec 2014: Final results for Shiga Toxin survey, ST1411, are online
27 Nov 2014: Preliminary results for Clinical Microbiology survey, M143, are online
24 Nov 2014: Final results for Drinking Water survey, W143, are online
18 Nov 2014: Final results for Enteric Parasitology survey, 1410 are online
13 Nov 2014: Final results for Mycology Plus survey, 1409 and Dermatophyte Mycology survey, 1409 are online
06 Nov 2014: Order forms for Clinical Microbiology program and Water program are posted
20 Oct 2014: Final results for Trichomonas vaginalis antigen testing survey TR1410 are posted
03 Oct 2014: CMPT Annual Report 2013 - 2014 published online


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Revisions: 11 Feb 2015

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 Certification Registered since May 2002. 2011 ISO certificate is online.
CMPT is a program of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. Canada